Manage already in smartphone!

Manage already in smartphone! You can manage your cool mist system from anywhere, anytime with Wifi module SwichFog. SwichFog can monitor temperature, humidity, start and stop the system and etc.

Fog Enterprice offers a full range of nozzles, pumps, piping, filters, and finished packages of cool mist.

Everything about the yard and garden. We design and build automated irrigation systems, cooling systems with water mist, drip irrigation supply pipes and fittings for irrigation systems, delivery pump and pressure boosting systems.
arr Cool Mist

Cool air in the sun visor by means of water mist (Misting systems / nozzles). The technology uses a water pump and a special nozzle (nozzles) which convert the water into mist by microdroplets. These microbeads absorb heat from air and is evaporated. When this fine water mist evaporates, it takes on the temperature of the air, lowers it to 10 ° C and is prepared fresh briz.Kolkoto hotter and drier ambient air, the more intense the evaporation, a corresponding and cooling . Thus realizing a The natural self-regulation of the temperature in the zone of evaporation of the mist.

Make insurmountable hot summer days filled with freshness and comfort of your favorite place to relax.

arr Benefit of the cooling mist

-lowers the temperature by up to 10°C;

-filtered ambient air, the free fall microdroplets of the aqueous mist entrained with them all the particles from the surrounding area;

-protects against flying insects, insects avoid fog, because microdroplets stick to their wings;

-create a good visual effect.

arr Use cooling fog system to your:

● Balconies, porches, landings;

● Canopies, tents, awnings;

● Бpools, gazebos, parks;

● Sports grounds, stadiums;

● Dusty and high temperature production;

● Garages, service stations, workshops;

● Wineries, greenhouses, mushroom beds;

● Barns and others.

Cooling with water mist (Irrigation systems / nozzles) is much more efficient and energy-saving of all other cooling systems of open spaces. Drinking water - 2 liters / hour, power consumption - 50 watts / hour.


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